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This site is a collection of sailboat projects completed between 2003 and 2008 on a Seaward Fox named "Valhalla".  Valhalla has recently been sold.  I have moved on to other projects and another sailboat.  I intend to maintain this site even thou Valhalla has a new owner.  Free free to use my ideas to upgrade your own sailboat.
Sailboat in her slip. Image by Thomas PanfileReady to Sail, image by Thomas Panfile

We purchased a Seaward Fox sailboat in the Fall of 2002 from The SailBoat Shop in New Jersey. We wanted a nice large comfortable cockpit for relaxed sailing and the stability that comes with her beamy shape. I always smile when I look at the Fox, and I know that I am not the only one.  The Seaward Fox was made in 2000 by Hake Yachts in Florida.  It is not longer made and these models are hard to find.

This sailboat is extremely stable.  The fixed lead wing keel and wide beam make this sailboat fun to sail in windy conditions.   Once I got caught out on the Chesapeake Bay during a small craft advisory.  This sailboat handled the waves and wind just fine.  I got some spray over the bow but I never felt in danger.  In general this sailboat will heel to no more than 30 degrees and start rounding up into the wind.  At 30 degrees, the rudder cannot get a bite into the water to prevent it from rounding up.  At this point (or usually before) I put a reef of two in the mainsail to reduce heeling.  Check out this video link of sailing the Seaward Fox on the Chesapeake Bay.

This sailboat is very well constructed.  There is no balsa coring used.  It is build like a small battleship. The wing keel is bonded and bolted to the solid fiberglass hull.  A description of the construction can be found at Hake Yachts.  Unfortunately Hake Yachts stopped making this sailboat model in 2000.  My sailboat was made  in that last year.

Additional information can be obtained from The Trailer Sailor Seaward forum.  This is a great forum with very knowledge people.

While this sailboat was in great shape she needed a few upgrades to make her even more comfortable particularly in the cabin.  See my other pages below regarding sailboat projects and additional thoughts on the Seaward Fox sailboat.   Some of the ideas I got from Tim Marks (another FOX sailboat owner).  Visit Tim's website for he has some great ideas!

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